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Services is a new and improved product here on Freelancer.com. It is designed to be a super simple way to get work done, with pre-defined descriptions and prices, making it even easier than ever before for Employers to get work done, as well as for Freelancers to get hired easily!

Projects have a fixed price, and by signing on as a freelancer, you agree to do that pre-defined amount of work at that price. When a service gets bought, a service provider gets selected and awarded with our proprietary selection algorithm, and Milestone gets created right at the start.

There is a fixed fee of 20% for freelancers charged on acceptance of the project. Employers are not charged any additional fees. See more about fees in our Fees and Charges page.



Q: Do I have to do the project at the price that is predefined?

A: Yes. To become a service provider, you need to agree with the price that has been set. Pricing is based on countless other projects from Freelancer. We recommend that you don't click that “Become a Provider” button unless you agree with the price. If for some reason the scope of a project becomes too large, you can request your employer to create an additional milestone for the extra work.

Q: How does the selection algorithm work?

A: Our selection algorithm picks from a range of indicators, based on responsiveness, reviews, online status and many more. The more reliable your reputation as a freelancer, the higher chance of you getting awarded.

Q: How do I remove myself from a service?

A: Simply go to Manage Services where you can manage all the services you are a provider of. If you don't want to be selected, you can disable specific services there.

Q: How do I know if I have been awarded with a service?

A: You should receive a notification when an ordered service has been assigned to you.

Q: How do i know if i am qualified?

A: You will require 5 reviews with one of the skills from the service. By clicking “Become a provider” if you are not qualified, the required qualifications will be presented to you.

Q: How do I add my own service?

A: We do not currently allow freelancers to create their own custom services, however we are happy to consider adding new services. Simply contact our support team with your ideas! New services will be coming out regularly.



We hope you enjoy using Freelancer Services!

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