What These Two New Freelancer Desktop App Notifications Can Do For You

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You have two new notifications.

One, get notified every time the app takes a screenshot. Two, when you stop tracking your time, know your total number of hours worked and its value.

Notification for Latest Screenshot Taken

Picture this. You’re working on a content writing project when a friend sends you a link. It’s a shortened link, and because you’re wondering if it’s important, you opened the link. A YouTube video starts loading, and then snap! The Freelancer Desktop App took a screenshot showing Beyonce’s latest music video.

You have an ongoing hourly project. Do you want your employer to think that you’re slacking off? Absolutely not.

Now you will see a notification that the app is actively taking screenshots even if it’s minimized. A notification bubble will pop up to show you the last screenshot taken. You have the chance to keep or discard the screenshot straight from the notification bubble.


The notification displays the screenshot thumbnail, the time it was captured, the “Keep It” or “Discard” buttons, and the 10-second timer.


This will show when you click the “Keep It” button to save the screenshot. If you take no action within 10 seconds, the screenshot will be saved automatically.


This will show if you click the “Discard” button. A deleted screenshot can be restored from the website.

Update (May 21, 2016): When you choose to delete a screenshot, the app will inform you that it will deduct time that can be invoiced. You can still restore that screenshot from the project view page given that the session is not yet invoiced.


You can see the screenshot in full view. Hover on the thumbnail and click “Full View”.


Notification for Value of Tracked Time

Once you're done with a task and you stop tracking your time, the next thing you want to know is how long you’ve worked and how much you will be paid for. This new notification will give you the time tracking summary you need.

When you stop the timer, you will see a notification that tells you the total number of hours you’ve tracked, the invoiced amount, and when you will receive the payment. There is no more need to look for it someplace else, as this summary will show up immediately after you stop tracking your time.


Experience the easier way to manage your projects. Download the Freelancer Desktop App now!

If you have questions regarding the current version of the app or suggestions for future releases, please email us at desktop-feedback@freelancer.com. Alternatively, you may leave a comment below.


Posted 2 March, 2016

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