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How do I change my description from a graphic designer to a copywriter?

asked by trixiaobdamen 22 June, 2016

Whenever I open a new tab of my Freelancer profile, it says that I'm a graphic designer from the Philippines. In reality, I'm a copywriter who does some simple graphic design gigs from time to time, but I cannot claim that I AM a graphic designer by craft. Can you help me on how to change it? Opening my profile, a short description about myself says that I am a newbie copywriter so I don't know why the tab says I am a graphic designer. It also shows that whenever I search my username in google. I just do not want to mislead people especially if they are trying to look for a portfolio of mine as a copywriter and happen to come across that description. Thanks!


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answered 6 years ago
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The header of your profile cannot be changed manually. Depending on your top skills, the header changes automatically.

In order to change the header from "graphic designer" to "copywriter", be sure to accept more projects with this relevant skill, so that the amount of projects related to it will increase.