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If contest is guaranteed but winner is selected even after pending period than what happens?

asked by Mustafawadiwala 16 June, 2016

In guaranteed contest if no rating are provided nor winner is selected even after pending period than where does the money goes to ? And if rating are provided are 3 stars or less and there are no top entries so is money distributed to freelancer or not? And if suppose the are 3 entries in top ratings and no winner is declared and out of 3 top entries 2 are my so in what ratio money will be awarded among 2 persons is it 50:50 or 2/3 : 1/3 ? Thanks in Advance hope I will get satisfied answers :)


2 Answers

answered 1 year ago
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Not sure how that works either. After observing two different contests, one was closed after award date with no winner chosen. The other has been pending for a while now