Freelancer Contests

The Power of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing allows you to tap into a huge talent pool of freelancers from all over the world. People from all areas of expertise can contribute to your contest, allowing you to get tons of choices to fit your needs. You can crowdsource all of your ideas in a wide variety of areas such as logo and website design, video creation, T-Shirt design and many more.

  • Post Your Contest

    Describe your requirements using our simple form and put up a suitable prize for freelancers to compete.

  • Start Receiving Entries

    Freelancers will read your brief and start submitting their ideas, all trying to provide you the best possible match.

  • Award the Best Entry

    Provide feedback to Freelancers, select your favorite entry and award the Freelancer to start the handover process.

Supercharge Your Contest!

Our platform has a variety of features to help you get the most from your contest. You can select any of these features when you start your contest:

  • Guaranteed

    Guarantee freelancers that a winner will be chosen and awarded the prize. This will attract better entries from more freelancers.

  • Featured

    Featured contests attract more, higher-quality entries and are displayed prominently in the 'Featured Jobs and Contests' page.

  • Top Contest

    Get high quality entries! Top freelancers will be automatically invited to join your contest.

  • Highlight

    Make your contest visually stand out from the rest by highlighting your listing.

  • Sealed

    Only you can see all the entries. Each freelancer can only see their own entry. It ensures you get unique ideas.

  • Private

    Keep your contest confidential. Private contests are hidden from search engines and public users.

Amazing Entries for Amazing Ideas

There is no limit to what you can get with a contest. Here are some of the amazing things that we've made using our own platform:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I create a contest?

    Creating a contest lets you see hundreds of unique ideas based on what you need. You can ask for edits on your favorites and only pay when you're satisfied.

  • How do I create a contest?

    Simple! Scroll back to the top of the page and select Post Contest or select a similar project from the above carousel.

  • What is a contest brief?

    It's a short description you provide to inform freelancers exactly what you want (or don't want) in your contest.

  • What is money back guarantee?

    You get your prize money back if you don't select a winner or are unhappy with the result. Note: Guaranteed contests and purchased upgrades are excluded.

  • What makes Freelancer Contests different?

    With Freelancer Contest you get to set your own budget and select a winner at any time. Additionally, you gain access to a huge talent pool of freelancers (over 13 million!) who can contribute to your contest.

  • What happens when I've chosen a winner?

    Start a handover process to legally own the winning entry and the freelancer will also get the prize money. Again, the prize money is released once you are 100% happy with the design.