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It's the Entrepreneur Performer's Inner Circle first birthday! And we are looking for a nice birthday card to be designed both front and back. The design should include something ...

30 £140 GBP Aug 24, 2016 3 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

Starting a new business. The business is/will be similar to We will be a webapp for PhotoAlbum producing software. Our domain is So I would like to f...

32 $50 NZD Aug 24, 2016 5 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

We have an idea for a word mark logo - see attached. We love it the concept of this logo, so arent looking to change it. BUT we want to explore ways to refine it and make it look...

237 $208 AUD Aug 24, 2016 5 days, 19 hours Post a contest like this

Using our attached Brand Book for detailed rules to follow, create a professional Google Slides template for formal business presentations. - create a master template with the specif...

0 $100 CAD Aug 24, 2016 5 days, 17 hours Post a contest like this

Looking for an African American elementary grade student excelling in mathematics. - Natural Hair - Alone in a classroom setting - Preferred choice of props (calculator, ruler, penci...

3 $75 USD Aug 23, 2016 2 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

Need to build my webpage around worldpress, i do have domene. The site need to have alphabetic dictionary, and it needs to have 3-5 categories. If it is possible i would like to have t...

2 €70 EUR Aug 23, 2016 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

combines the various names on the back of t.shirt colour t-shirt Black - Blu Navy - red - white in the t.shirt write big: ME and around other this name of artist of salsa Adolfo Ind...

11 $30 USD Aug 23, 2016 5 days, 9 hours Post a contest like this

The Bet System is only the DESIGN, not the programming. I need a redesign of my offers page (please see attached .txt file). The new wall should have the layout in the attached (OD-ne...

3 $350 USD Aug 23, 2016 5 days, 8 hours Post a contest like this

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