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I am looking for a graphic artist who can assist us increasing a number of visual assets with similar branding, colours, etc.... Icons/Badges - we are looking to have 5 different "ba...

3 $240 CAD Apr 27, 2015 5 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

We are a technical blog doing a complete redesign. We would our logo redesign or freshened up. So it needs to be sober and a little bit simple. I'd like it to have a symbol that cou...

10 $50 USD Apr 27, 2015 3 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

Lux (event organising team) is preparing his first event: an exclusive NYE party. Therefore, we need a logo. Our event name: Lux NYE (Lux New Years Eve, not to be used in full words...

25 €120 EUR Apr 27, 2015 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

This is for a website that Automotive Dealerships will use to track the flow of deals. When a customer buys a car, there's a lot to be done after their paperwork has been completed. The...

1 $740 USD Apr 26, 2015 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

Answer ONE of the following questions in 500 words or less. Option 1: "Why is it important to work to delete cyberbullying?" Option 2: "How has cyberbullying personally affected you?...

7 $19 USD Apr 26, 2015 5 days, 5 hours Post a contest like this

Dear Freelancers, 1) I need a logo designed for a new social networking app called "truPal". [Currently for Iphone!] 2) It is a social networking app (meant to make friends) !...

138 $150 USD Apr 26, 2015 3 days, 2 hours Post a contest like this

- The logo has to contain the company name "Stepping-Stone" - No abbreviations (SS) - The dash (-) is an important feature of the logo - The colors of the company, in order of ...

44 €50 EUR Apr 26, 2015 3 weeks, 6 days Post a contest like this

Killara Bowling Club is a lawn bowls club (not indoor ten pin bowling) located near Sydney Australia. The club was established in 1916 and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next...

103 $150 AUD Apr 26, 2015 4 days, 11 hours Post a contest like this

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