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Hi, we recently launched a new service. Here is the url Please test and write a small description or remark about our new product on the link provide...

1 $30 USD Apr 22, 2017 4 weeks Post a contest like this

Images I provided are for illustration purpose. Requirements: Use your own pictures to make label. Label is transparent plastic. Round Bottle size is: 330ml, 500ml, 1liter. -...

28 ₫2000000 VND Apr 22, 2017 1 day, 21 hours Post a contest like this

The name of the project is Incredible Grettables. A line of cannabis infused edible treats, oils and accoutrement. I need someone to design a logo that is elegant, clean, and simple but...

76 $10 USD Apr 21, 2017 3 days, 17 hours Post a contest like this

I am looking for a creative logo that I can put on t-shirts, merch, websites etc. The name of my company is Sold Out Coaching. Brand colors are red and black I work with coac...

148 $65 USD Apr 21, 2017 1 day, 15 hours Post a contest like this

Dear designers, I would like to create a 3-dimensional (3D) graphic from the attached image. The image shows formation of cancer in an organ, with different cells and other elements ...

2 $250 USD Apr 21, 2017 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

Hi, I need a landing page for later code in a responsive website, it will be 1 page only, in portuguese, later I will translate and also do in english when code the site. I need open...

9 R$540 BRL Apr 21, 2017 1 day, 12 hours Post a contest like this

Looking for high quality retouching with ongoing business to the winners. I will pick multiple winners so please send your best. Picture is attached VJM_9353.JPG. This is an example:...

110 $150 USD Apr 21, 2017 5 days, 10 hours Post a contest like this

I have a client that is in need of a logo for his new company. This logo is for a Land Development Company. This is a land development company. 1.5" x 2' iron pipes are what has ...

34 $150 USD Apr 21, 2017 2 days, 10 hours Post a contest like this