Contest entry #40 for 1 in 1000 Contest - $10,000 in prizes!

2 Seminars 1 Aim - Spread Know-How

Our group decided to invite students from the 7 prestigious educational institutions in our city to two separate seminars about with the attendance of 500+ and 300+ respectively. We were able to do this by going to each university and explaining to their administrators about our the seminars and how it will benefit their graduating students. The seminars went pretty well receiving a lot of positive responses from the participants. During the 2nd seminar, we were also able to teach the participants about graphic design basics on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for creating logos, character/mascot design, print design and web design. Here is the list of schools that allowed their graduating students to attend our seminars: Saint Mary's University University of Mindanao Tagum College University of Southeaster Philippines STI Tagum College ACES Tagum College Tagum City Institute of Technology Foundation Davao Northphil Institute of Technology
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