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Freelancers from Kabankalan City

Our team have exerted full effort, time and all out support to organize different unique events dedicated to Freelancer.com. In all the things that we do, we were not misled because we were guided by our goals and our enthusiasm to pursue what we have started even though we don't know the outcomes of these. This is not an easy task so we must think, plan and organize everything because it involves a lot of challenges, trials, and obstacles we may encounter along the way. Its because of courage and unity as a team we were able to overcome and come up into a beautiful, unique and successful result that Freelancer.com will be proud of. 10 days of planning. Event 1 - 28; Senior Citizen Function Hall Event 2 - 65; Brgy. Orong Public Plaza Event 3 - 37; Senior Citizen Function Hall Event 4 - 95; Family Life Resource Center Event 5 - 45; Mag-aso Highland Resort Goals: Introduce Freelancer.com, Motivate to sign-up and Work with Freelancer.com

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