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13IS (2013 Imagine Success) Free International Charitable Symposium (kindly asap please)

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I am launching the first annual 13IS
2013 Impact Success
sponsored by Food Body ME

We will have 120 nationally and internationally prestigious CEO's, Celebrities, Musicians, Artists, Authors, & Therapists. This is a 100% free event with everything donated and free international streaming the 2nd and 3rd week of September.

For compensation, in addition to the Freelancer paid price, we have an affiliate model which any website aligned with our demographic/vision is welcome to take advantage of for additional financial proceeds.

I'm looking to roll out the affiliate program and advertising in the next couple of days and need a logo.

We're building up the site right now and you can find out more here: [url removed, login to view]

Target audience is business professionals, entrepreneurs, and those seeking success, inspiration, and growth. Our audience is world-wide and our speakers are internationally renowned. Also accepting additional speakers who are internationally renowned.

Logo needs to be simple, clear, classy, and prestigious. It needs to convey the overall global message in a millisecond.

World In Our Hands
International Collective
World In a Light Bulb

2013 Imagine Success
International Symposium

Ideas, Inspiration, Success

Thanks so much for your submission; I really appreciate it.

I am looking for something very simple and compact, that indicates a global business theme, such as
WED> [url removed, login to view]:ANd9GcQda5iqXyiu4d7h1guXpFKyyldWHk72FcMHJm2LI_W3SprMqmpgIg
AGBS>[url removed, login to view]
Microsoft Logo>[url removed, login to view]
TED Talks Logo>[url removed, login to view]:ANd9GcSUpjA-QGPLNOhxSDhxH4JJTLD9qI1-v5-mgS7AxBJkV6yTjOZR
Apple Logo>[url removed, login to view]
GE Logo>[url removed, login to view]:ANd9GcS_-_Dc1o5KbU7WQe9N2oSytVQrDUaB5MC1-lTxzap1t6exn-Zs

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