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FireRabbit Inc. is a young and creative company that develops mobile apps - specifically mobile games. We need a corporate logo that represents our company in our games, business cards, websites, Facebook pages, and letterheads.

Your submission should contain an icon and our company name.

We promise to give feedback on all submissions within 12-24 hours. This should assist in showing what we like and what we're looking for.

--- Obviously with a company name of FireRabbit, it's important that we see elements of Fire and Rabbit in your submission!

--- Design the icon to be usable on its own for letterheads, documents, and even as a possible tattoo (no joke!).

--- We'd like to see a wide and tall version of the logo, so that we have flexibility in using it.

--- The company name FireRabbit must be included - please note that FireRabbit is ONE word with capitalized letters for each word.

--- We'd also like to see a light and dark version of the logo, so we can use it in either type of background.

--- We're creative and we have a sense of humor. Have fun with it!

--- We're open to fresh ideas; don't follow some of the direction if you think you know better. You're the artist, after all.

--- Our current logo sucks (see attached)...

Interested in working on a design that will be seen on millions of mobile devices across the world (and quite possibly permanently inked on someone's body), while getting prompt feedback for a top-notch payday? If so, send us your best!

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