Logo Design for ID Motors

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Logo Design for ID Motors

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A brand new company called Import Direct Motors with a website ([url removed, login to view]). Our logo & business focus is entirely in the automotive industry, selling imported cars & bikes.

We want a design that can emphasis the new web 3.0 era that is stylish yet simplistic, at the same time very modernized and appeals to the younger male audience while staying as professional as possible.

Innovative logo ideas may include, but not limited to, "motor engine/shifting gears", "wheels" and/or "speedometer". Also please try to emphasis the acronym "IDM"

Thank you everyone for your time and efforts!

*** Update: We have attached some references that can be used as our logo, with clean 3D effects (shadows, layers, etc.) similar to our current Anetech profile logo. A combination of the reference files may also work (such as a speedometer design inside the wheels?) to try out new ideas. Thank you for your time and hard efforts! ***

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