USMLE similuted Exam script/code to be build on Wordpress site

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USMLE similuted Exam script/code to be build on Wordpress site

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Hallo to you all:

I am currently building an interactive USMLE simulated exam preparation website ([url removed, login to view]). However the Wordpress platform that the site is build on does not have best interactive exam/quiz plugins to meet my specification.
I am looking for a person or team that is able to create codes/plugins/software etc to make the simulated exam website at [url removed, login to view] more interactive than the current Wordpress quiz plugins. What I want the exam software/codes to do are the following:
• Exam should give the user option to choose the subjects to be tested on or the user can select random questions and the software randomize the questions for the user
• Exam results should be interactive so the user can see what subject areas that need to be address if they do poorly in that subject.
• Exam should give the user option to retake only the questions they got wrong
• Exam should give the user option to highlight important areas of the questions as they read the questions
• Exam can be taken time and also not time
• Software should have option for me to put photos on the questions.
• Exam software/codes should have the ability for normal laboratory values to be added as a popup link etc on every questions for easy access to the user.
The software/codes I am looking for must be similar to the one use by www.usmleworld.com. I suggest you sign up an account with them and take a sample exam to see the java scripts they use to write the simulated USMLE exam. I also suggest you sign up for an account in my site [url removed, login to view] and take the sample test I build on Wordpress plugin as a comparation.
I am looking for an experienced designer/developer to partner with, you should be flexible and has prior experience in Java or other cross platform programming language to develope scripts/codes for the USMLE simulated exam.
I have NO knowledge in Programming/Designing, hence I am outsourcing that to you experts out there.

Will provide more detail once this proposal begins the initialization phase.

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