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Our Company has now run a contest on Freelancer to name our website and another contest to come up with the logo for our website. We now are looking for help from Freelancer's Awesome Designers to begin designing our line of T's for our site. Our contest will consist of a pack of 5 T Shirt designs that are designed around the below themes listed.

Our website is LoveTees.Org. We DO NOT want our website name as a part of the shirt design. Our idea is to print our website name somewhere else on the shirt. These shirts should incorporate any of the 10 themes listed below. We are looking for New, Refreshing ideas for T Shirts that are related to the below themes. They can be cute, funny, serious, whatever you like. Keep in mind, when our customers pay for these shirts, they will be able to choose a listed charity to donate 50% of the total price of the shirt to. The Freelancer with the BEST and most CREATIVE 5 SHIRTS will win the contest. Please message us if you have any questions. We will be monitoring the contest closely. GOOD LUCK!

1) Love
2) Heart
3) Compassion
4) Kindness
5) Empathy
6) Courage
7) Alive
8) Honor
9) Faith
10) Grace

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