Barcelona Trip Website Logo with a Character Mascot (read carefully my requirements)

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I need a logo with a brand new character in Comics / Toon style to use as Mascot in a website that sell Trips in Barcelona.

My actual Idea is (but I accept suggestions ) is to humanize the Park Guell Salamander that is a symbol of Barcelona (If you you have in mind anohter symbol of Barcelona you can suggest me).

IMPORTANT!! (do NOT BID if you are not able to follow EXACLTY these points below) :

1) - The Character should IMMEDIATELY REMEMBER the Parc Guell Salamander (NOT a Lizard or a Dinosaur or the Creature of the Black Logoon!!!)
2) - The Character should invite people to buy trips from my website so it should be : HAPPY, FRIENDLY, NICE, PRETTY, FUN.
3) - The Character should be featured with some specific things about BARCELONA and ABOUT TRIP (i.e. : it can wear cap or a t-shirt of Barcelona, It
can have a Map in a hand, or It can have a Camera hanging is neck, or it can have suitecase dropped in the floor next to it, or...use your creativity!)
4) - You have to
5) - The final files should be layered (not raster).
6) - You (freelance) should be "on hand" and provide me as many sketches I need to choose the one I like (once I choosed tha one, I will ask you just
some revisions until complete)
7) - You (freelance) should respect the deadline.

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