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I need a new logo for my new business venture, RedHorse Property Services - Commercial Cleaning. I would like to see a design that resembles a strong image of a RedHorse and the final finish of the design should communicate loyalty and good service.
Im looking for a pictorial Text Combination logo.
THE LOGO I want is the face of the Horse - not full bodied Horse.
TARGET Market 24-45 years of age
Male and Female
Decision Makers
Professionals with Tertiary/University Qualifications

The Horse face - either from frontal view or side view
the mane (hair on the neck) must be visible and flown

the Horse must be color RED with black outline and shade.
I'd like to see some shades so it appears to be 3DIMENTIONAL + Do not use old style text

The Horse must appear strong with a characteristic of an ALPHA male, Majestic and strong will. The finish design should look and feel Masculine, Modern, and professional.
The Finish design should have the Head of the Red Horse with Company name REDHORSE Property Services (Subtext) Commercial Cleaning
PS the file should be big enough so I can use it for anything and everything!

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