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We’re looking to get a logo designed for an elastic shoelaces brand we’re starting, which is Boss Laces ( The key selling point / unique selling proposition is that we cr...

540 $150 USD Aug 18, 2018 5 days, 1 hour Post a contest like this

CONTEST BRIEF Have you heard about progressive web apps? They are the future of the web! I have a desktop design for my site. You will design the mobile version as a progressive web ap...

7 $325 USD Aug 18, 2018 3 weeks, 6 days Post a contest like this

We have a business called Jerkoff, its for dryed meats, so want a country look and feel, open to any ideas, want a logo on both a white & black background, most of the packaging will be...

430 $140 AUD Aug 17, 2018 4 days, 1 hour Post a contest like this

We are a real estate team looking to do a fun kids coloring contest. The idea is that we will provide a picture for kids to color and the top three will win back-to-school care package...

14 $70 CAD Aug 17, 2018 2 days Post a contest like this

Redesign our old neighborhood association logo using the basic image but bring it a new brand and a new life. We are a neighborhood association in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. W...

80 $100 USD Aug 17, 2018 5 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

I am a solo practitioner. I 63 years old and I have been the head lawyer for a number of large companies (AngloGold Ashanti, AngloGold North America, Viacom Outdoor, CBS Outdoor) and h...

460 $200 USD Aug 17, 2018 1 week, 3 days Post a contest like this

I need a redesign of an Android app interface that is more attractive than the current design: The design must also be easier to use, provide a better u...

4 $151 USD Aug 17, 2018 1 month, 2 weeks Post a contest like this

looking for name ideas for a construction company. Looking to create a name by combining two words like Microsoft, VertiStruct Verticon etc.

133 $500 USD Aug 17, 2018 3 days, 10 hours Post a contest like this