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I'm looking for unique logo that depicts my company the company name is JSR. When I see the logo I want to think bridge to success, the colors can be anything of your choice feel free ...

481 $140 USD Jun 30, 2022 1 week, 1 day Post a contest like this

We would like to see some great designs of a trade show booth for our Software. Booth is a 2 wall corner configuration. We are just looking for a good Image file mockup to make decis...

36 $500 USD Jun 30, 2022 5 days, 10 hours Post a contest like this

Orthopaedic surgeon in New Zealand. Starting private practice. Specialising in Shoulder, hand,hip knee. No spine or foot and ankle work. Logo doesn’t need to have all those body part...

365 $100 NZD Jun 30, 2022 5 days, 9 hours Post a contest like this

Hello, What we need for this project is a logo that stands out, looks slick, modern and is creative. The business is a media production company called "Captura". They are just starting...

436 $100 AUD Jun 29, 2022 5 days, 5 hours Post a contest like this

i want to create a Kufiyya Shemag with a mexican style pattern (using mexican flag colors or symbols but cannot use the national emblem but the elements are allowe by separate) https://...

12 $100 USD Jun 29, 2022 3 days, 4 hours Post a contest like this

I am currently rebranding my organization's Veteran Service Dog program and in need of a new logo. I am looking for something that is catchy and appealing to the eye and will be easily ...

432 $250 USD Jun 29, 2022 1 week, 4 days Post a contest like this

We are established famous tattoo studio based in London, UK and we are starting Tattoo Care Products line the name is OUTKASTS

112 £255 GBP Jun 29, 2022 4 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

Our company Name that should read the Logo is: - - - Home Design Group - - - The Name of the company (Home Design Group) will be accompanied depending on the name of the region or the ...

704 $111 USD Jun 29, 2022 1 week Post a contest like this