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HOPELESS TALENT: A lifestyle athletic sports brand. Representing and inspiring hope, hard work and self belief to be who they are no matter what the f@ck  people say along the way! It’...

302 $250 CAD Jun 22, 2021 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

I am starting a new brand for trading card supplies. EX. Baseball football basketball and soccer cards top loaders and penny sleeves. My competitors are ultra pro and BCW. I am lookin...

504 $75 USD Jun 21, 2021 4 days, 5 hours Post a contest like this

We are looking for a unique design for our new welding helmet shell, I have attached some samples of similar styles / ideas we welcome all applications We have included front back an...

14 $100 NZD Jun 21, 2021 1 day, 5 hours Post a contest like this

I am selling mens enhancement testosterone booster and I need a new product label design. I need a professional, premium, eye-catching (but not too exaggerated) impression. Our targe...

41 €200 EUR Jun 21, 2021 5 days, 5 hours Post a contest like this

We are a new startup IV hydration and aesthetics business. Our business is called Beauty Lab Aesthetics and we also have a trade name/DBA called Drip Lab for the IV hydration part of th...

415 $250 USD Jun 21, 2021 5 days, 5 hours Post a contest like this

I am selling suppelements with my own brand and I need product label design for a healthy supplements line with different supplements like brain booster turmeric collagen capsules an...

56 €250 EUR Jun 21, 2021 5 days, 4 hours Post a contest like this

I need a logo created for a new element for a very large oil and gas tradeshow. We are adding four podcast teams to broadcast live from the show this year and are calling it PBIOS Podc...

232 $50 USD Jun 21, 2021 3 days Post a contest like this

"We are looking to enhance our current logo for our EduTech startup. Overall we are hoping the logo will look subtle and fun; visually cohesive in both online and offline application."...

377 $55 SGD Jun 21, 2021 4 days, 18 hours Post a contest like this