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The First Week. I try new things you read results.

I propose my series of short articles called The First Week. It´s about the transition from sedentary to outdoorsman.An engage in different sports and activities. The theme of liberation from the shakles of technology flirts with your idea of the world being the biggest playground. I present to you a story of how i eased into that playground. The first week of Gym (had to start somewhere) the first week of Kung Fu, The First Week of Training for a 10k. The articles go over my experiences, a recount of common mistakes and how to avoid them, and motivational phrases to move people to step out into the marvelous world we have. "Studying anatomy is easier than ever, i can feel pain in muscles i never knew i had, and i can feel wich ones we use in daily life..." There are more articles in the series, but these are the ones i´d like to present. I´d really like this oportunity, and i think you would be pleased. Give me this oportunity and you won´t regret it. Rafael Out.

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  • ruhbanshah
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    • 5 years ago

    I would really like to but the time is less. So, I will be preferring an article directly instead of a proposal.

    • 5 years ago