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Looking at it you may think it is just a typical hand but looking at it closely you will realize a contestant for oxygen just like you and me.Nurtured by the environment calling the World a home just like you and me this little creature is here with a lesson to mankind.The lesson is right at the palm of my hand for you to pick up.What is it?you could be wondering but as relevent has it may look to some it may look vulnerable to existence.Due to its small size it has never quit trying to survive through hardships and fear of extinction. Well it is bearing a lesson that regardless of where you come from,who you are your size or appearance you are always designed to excel in life if you so desire.The spike on that small creature are a signification to its strength the sole reason for personal protection in a wide diverse world.So how hard do you want to make an impact in this world.Is oxygen of significance to you everyday that you wake up.?Well this is a contestant of change.

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