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We require a flyer to promote our shop in Beverley details of the shop can be found on the homepage of our website www.platinum-e-liquid.com on the front of the flyer it needs to promote our name and liquids our logo must be used it need to say that our liquids are manufactured in the uk it needs to mention the shop it has to look very professional and very modern on the back it needs to focus on shop location and a map of where we are.

it also need to included a 10% off coupon for people with the flyer

you can use your artistic imagination and go wild

we have attached a few images that you can use if you want not compulsory except our logo and our logo name

Attached Files: Blue-Smoke.jpg logo only.jpg 20ml box and bottle.jpg 10ml box.jpg 10ml box and bottle.jpg 5-x-20ml-bottles.png name only.png logo only.png 20ml box.jpg cover pic.jpg

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