Add our logo to a seal and change the colors.

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Previously I had a contest, and I want to improve the logo I had created. Here is what I want to do:

1) First, here is our logo:


The vector version is on Please ignore the dotted square around the logo in the vector file. I am not using it. Also, don't worry about the text (cryptoart) for this contest.

2) Add the logo to a seal.

A seal example is here:


Again, don't worry about the text, and the dotted square line is not part of the logo.

3) Change the colors that are used in the seal and logo. This is where the contest comes in. Notice the logo has a gradient. I have included a red, brown, and gold as examples of colors that are part of my future website.


I want 21 stars on the seal.

The final version should be in .ai and in a high res .jpg. There should also be two versions; one with just the logo and one with the logo on the seal.


Good luck!


Looks like I should clarify:

1) logo.jpg is the logo (it's a C and A). I like it. I just don't like the orange color and want to change it. I have provided three colors; red, brown, and gold from my website to base it on. I also really like Steal/Metal. Please keep a gradient. So, this is the first step. Make this not on a seal.

2) Add the logo to a seal. The design in the center of sealExample.png shouldn't be included. This seal is just an example of a seal I like very much. The seal does not need to be gold. It can black, gold, silver, red, or brown.

Hope this helps. I'll start giving individual feedback soon. I'm late for work!


Please no more orange submissions.


Attached Files: brown.png gold.png logo.jpg red.png sealExample.png

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