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I need someone to alter this video on YouTube:

Keep Everything other than the last 2 black slides. Music must stay the same.

- Change the first Black slide that says "Then Visit www. .com" to:

"Share that moment with your group of friends, without the embarrasment, using Confessed. (Include app logo)"

- Change the last slide to:

"A Confession App like no other! Like us on Facebook at (Facebook logo) and Follow us on Twitter @confessedapp (Twitter logo) to find out more."

The first video that I like I will be selecting.
This is for personal use. I am not advertising anything.

*** For best video, find the music that is playing at the end and incorperate it into new video so that the slide or slides at the end can be seen for longer.
*** I do not want anything additional at the begining of video

***If you feel like there is a better way to get my message across (for example by making one slide instead of 2), DO IT! :) ***

Attached Files: Confessed Hi-res copy.jpg Confessed Logo _Hi-res_.JPG

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