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Our USP: Street fashion for your device.

Sales venues: Online direct sales, in future in select boutiques in mall locations.

Brand scope: Sold to customers around the world, translated into 20 languages. We manufacture our own designs, and we are a fashion accessory brand.

Fashionable girls/women from 15-30 years old. Street fashion savvy, eclectic dressers, fun and free-spirited. Google "korean street fashion" to see where we're going with this.

This is one banner of 5 that will rotate on the homepage. Each banner represents a collection of covers that match the theme.

We are going for a fun and light feel.

We are creating the website based on the structure and flow of this fashion brand:

Color scheme for our site will be black, white, magenta. I like the way this site has an open look on the banners, not closed-off rectangles. We can make a similar look by using patterns on the bottom half of the banner, and opening up to white at the top. Send us a concept and we'll see if you understand what we're going for.

I really like the open design of the banners on the link given for FF. Typography must match the banner theme, and we need young and hip designs for our audience.

The name of the collection is "Street Sweetie". This needs to be the title and text of the banner.

Please note the attached SAMPLE banner to get an idea of the format we're looking for. Do not duplicate the design, it's just to illustrate format.

Also do not duplicate the striped theme of the banners on example website, that is just to guide you about the format.

You should use more than one case picture in the banner, and must not use pictures of people.

Size of banner: 1,800px x 525px

Please feel free to ask questions to clear up any doubts, we will help you see what our vision is! :-)

Attached Files: IPTOUCH4-+8.jpg SAMI9220-+42.jpg SAMI9220-+51.jpg SAMS5690-+61.jpg SAMS5690-+65.jpg Banner+example.jpg

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