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The Summer Breeze

Design Philosophy 1.The natural The fish-shaped building that integrates with nature, we are deep in it, but we do not know where nature ends and art begins. 2.Pay attention to the texture of materials and details Plane contains the essence of feeling.God is in the details 3.Adapt to local culture A new building in a historic environment is like a musician joining an orchestra that has already started to play. It should play the music that has already started more perfectly and creatively, instead of playing the music that is very incongruent to express itself. 4.Variable looks We can no longer be cowed by the puritanical moralizing of orthodox modernism.I like a mixture of elements, not 'purity'; Would rather a pot of cooking, but not refreshing;It is better to be crooked than to be 'straightforward'; I appreciate chaos and vitality more than clarity and unity.I permit reasoning contrary to the premises, and I declare myself in favour of dualism.

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