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BistrÔ do FabiÔ Logo

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I need a logo to my small restaurant in Ilhabela, São Paulo, Brasil.
Im naming the place BistrÔ do FabiÔ, making a funny whith my name and a brasilian way of writing "bistrot".
Ilhabela is a beautifull Island 200km from São Paulo city.
Im the owner (45 years old) and the one who runs the kitchen, help surving, buy all the ingredients and all the rest. I's almot a single person restaurant (despites I have a helper).
There are only 6 tables and I serve what I call global food, and pasta. Influenced by the amazing peruvian cusine, the indian food, even maxican, swedish, russian and for sure by the brasilian cooking culture. Local traditions influences too. (cooking fishes, dried meat...) But mainly what ever I would like to.
The place is a beautifull house, whitch I share with a Ballet school and a music scholl.
It is in front of an old landing strip, not in use anymore.
I just opened, a month ago.
Well, I'm looking for some cool Logo that may resume the hold idea, ore just is charming and...
From now is your criativity that I'm looking for.
Check the pictures.
Whish you the best,
Fabio Nadalini

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