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I came up with a short novel that I have yet to start writing, so I'm also thinking of a possible title; "night" is a possible keyword that will lead to it probably. I need a catching cover since the book will be released on Kindle and people must be encouraged to click the thumbnail to read what the book is about.

The story is a psychological thriller with horror shades, I was inspired to it just recently so I have yet to define characters names and such. If i have to name other works that "taste" of the flavour i wish to transfer to my book you can refer to "the shout of munch" and "the machinist" movie (el maquinista) or also "number 23" movie.

During a night walk, the main character (later V.) see something weird, he noticed a man stepping in the shadow of a building and vanish to only reappear outside the shadow; while inside it the man was invisible. After this event V. started to have night horror experiences, initially only during sleep or sleep time, then more often during daytime. The man he saw is obsessing him and appearing in his deams as an horrible vampire. However V. reality is unwoven and confused, he will eventually end un baing unable to distinguish them. Here starts his hunt, who is really the man he saw? Why he is having such horrific experiences? Is the horror real or just a projection to represent something different?

Title: Notte (placeholder title, it might be changed later on text layer)
Author: Stefano Gandolfo

I will be accepting both inlustrations and concept art, I have set a medium time to allow me better define the book and add eventual details to the project. I'll also accept black&white or colored covers; since it is not yet a defined book I'm not yet sure of what I would my cover looks like, so help me! :)

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