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I am a programmer and I am doing a site is for a friend, a writer, I will do all the necessary programming but what I need is the HTML design and static content.

Here is what I need:

- The first page will have the navigation of the pages of the site: Main (current page), Biography, News, Books, Social Media, Client's Voice, Contacts Us
- The top of the page will be her picture, and next to it a small self introduction with her signature
- Underneath this mini biography there will be two columns of boxes (this can change up to your design)
- The first columns will be:
o Books: here the five books will be displayed, the info will be picture, name, ... etc., just small information
o Client’s voice/In the media: This will be a list of comments made about her, either portions of mails, or articles in the web … In my mind I am thinking that each entry will be logo of the site (Facebook, newspaper, a mail icon for mail contacts), then the text, potentially the name of the person, and potentially a link to the site making the full reference.
- The second column will have three boxes one on top of the other
o News/Events: List of up to three events in the upcoming future: date, name of the event, location ... that should be all
o Media Updates: a list of a few posts in the social media for her or from her. I am thinking for each entry of icon (facebook, twitter, youtube) and text, at the end the date/time
o Blog: a list of a few posts in her blog, similarly I need name, small content, date/time
- At the bottom of the page icons linking to the following services that she will have too: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Blog, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, [url removed, login to view], Google+, Yahoo and Rakuten

A logo may be required in this main page as well. I will provide the logo for now but she may ask to change it for an extra fee.

Anyway, the design of the page goes for you, but the structure is the previous boxes I just mentioned, they can of course change as long as it makes sense. As you can see the site will have seven main pages and other subpages, but that I will explain once the project is assigned to you.

She is not picky and I am not picky either, something good that convinces me will do and I will grant the project fast. So if you send me a mockup of this first page (remember that it is more than just this main page) I will present it to her and we will assign the project fast!

Summarizing the whole project will be designing in HTML: main page, books list, one page per book (five books in total), News, Social Media, Client's Voice and Contact Us. I will do all the necessary programming, I will need the HTML design and all the static content only.

She will need a social media presence as well, so potentially more images and logos for sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn ... etc will be required at an extra fee.

Also, she really likes the simplicity and structure of my site ([url removed, login to view]), so please use that to gather ideas. The colors she likes are pastel tone of yellow, green and fuchsia/cyan.

Happy Bidding and best of luck!

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