Build an Online Store for Fundfetti

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Build an Online Store for Fundfetti

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We are a startup that provides a unique fundraising program focused on teams, groups and community organizations. The products are a mix of items branded with a specific logo (e.g. a sports or high school team) and branded products (e.g. NHL, NBA, etc).

We want to provide a microsite for each team (e.g. [url removed, login to view]) so that each fundraising team will have a destination web address that they can put some pictures and text on to describe why their raising money and thanking the people that will buy things.

Their are hundreds of products and are mostly floor mats that would be at the front door or used as an area rug. We've partnered with a global manufacturer and they can provide us product data in the form of a table that includes item code, product name, some specifications, image and a sales price. The fundraising process is that a team/group will hand out flyers and tell people about their fundraiser, direct everybody to the site and use the microsite as an commerce site. We want to have someone order via the website so it has to collect the name, address, credit information, order item and quantity. We will then use Square (at this point) to then run the transactions. We are determining how to do credit card processing.

The fundraising activity will be for a set time (e.g. 3 weeks) at which time we will close down the microsite ordering by changing the landing page so it doesn't link to the product sections. Then we will process the complete order with the manufacturer (quantity, item code) and ship the complete order to the fundraising group. As we are a startup we don't have full-time employees (at this point) so need a very simple system to create a microsite, manage the back-end product data and handle the e-commerce stuff. At this point we have iPage hosting us.

What we need is:
1. An evaluation of our need.
2. A project plan on how best to execute a customizable e-commerce site (how to create, how to host, how we generate order reporting, how to run e-commerce, how to edit) (see attached flow chart)
3. A proposal for execution of the plan and a ongoing maintenance (cost/time to complete, cost/time to provide ongoing maintenance)

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