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Master Plan - Layout Plan

Each building/block 50' x 50' = 2500 sqft X 4 floors = 10,000 sqft. all buildings to be on Periphery on road side. Gap of Minimum Gap of 25' between the buildings. 15' of parking both for 2 wheelers and Cars and 15' of walking Pathway on the periphery Road Facing. this 15' of parking + 15' of pathway will be your setback. number 1 Block has to start set from the corner marked as 1. Totally 6 Block can be placed this way with a Minimum Gap of 25' between building. The rest of the land behind will not be disturbed. it has a potential to grow/have residential complex behind. more on hearing from you. regards, Shabbir.S

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  • Shabbir71
    • 4 months ago

    you can also combine all 6 buildings-blocks. if required. spaace between 2 blocks can be utilised further

    • 4 months ago