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Im looking for the text to be developed for a company capability statement, The company is a large Commercial plumbing and roof plumbing company with a small building devision.
The company has approx. 40 employees and is set up to run projects across the country, Im needing a 8-10 page document that will out line our companies capabilities, we require some creative wording as to make a statement to our clients that we are a leading force in our industry and if they chose to work with us we can deliver them the results better and faster than the rest.
Our company has 3 Directors 2 of which are full time on site managing and supervising the projects. we also have dedicated project management staff to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.
We have some strong company values which are CULTURE, CREATIVITY, LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK, STRENGTH and MASTERY.
We are master plumbers and want to show it,
We have comprehensive EHS policy and procedures in place, As the safety of our team is paramount, we also have a training program in place which is designed to provide greater knowledge for our guys. in turn making the working environment a safer place to be. we also have a very strict environmental policies as the environment is also something we feel very strongly about and feel it is our responsibility to protect it.
Please contact me if you have any questions regaurding this project as i would like to award this to a winner asap.

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