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Dear Contest Holder, i submitted a new entry to explain you by video the number of columns and rows after combining the 2 files together. You will get after combining the 2 files 225 columns and 153388 rows and this is after excluding the 2 above rows not filled with data. one file includes 192 columns with 5642 rows, and the 2nd file includes 225 columns with 97146 rows ( sorry i said in my video 198 columns 2nd file) , so after combining 2 files together it will give the number i told you above for both columns and rows. The key for the columns to be fit as one source for all the files, it is very easy to find the key for each column and then record it above, then at the end you will get one file for all 18 files with a good source. after extracting each file alone, you can copy all of them in one main file with the same columns name and there you can adjust and make all columns fit for all data. please find my video and feed me back if any other data or more clarification needed.

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