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We need different boat concept sketches or renderings, with three prospectives for the same concept, Designs must be coloured or shades of grey, black and white will not be accepted. Designs must be original, futuristic yet simple to achieve.

1 design in any of the following categories:

Categories are:
Cabin Cruiser size/length 8.5 meters / 28 foot.
Water sport Boat size/length 8.5 meters / 28 foot.
Walk Around Boat size/length 12 meters / 39 foot.
Fishing Boat size/length 12 meters / 39 foot.
Passenger Boat size/length 15 meters / 50 foot.

All designs are for V type mono-hull boats, no catamarans or any other kind of hulls. For more info please visit the following link :

For General Idea about boats, please visit the following link:

Attached are some pictures to give you an idea of the boats mentioned above, show us how they can look like in the future. Kindly mark each design with the name and number of the concept example Passenger boat concept 2.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Attached Files: Cabin Cruiser.jpg Fishing Boat.jpg Passenger Boat.jpg Walk Around.jpg water sport.jpg

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