Create Print Design for Company Brochure

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Create Print Design for Company Brochure

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I need a single image, 3x4, hi-res, along the general layout of the attached file, but has to be done at the highest level of subtle sophistication. The image shows an agricultural field, with two sensor boxes with antennas in the ground. The sensors are transmitting to a cloud, and the cloud is transmitting to an antenna on an irrigation system. In the cloud there is a logo, and a text. An iPhone is shown in the front. Make sure to follow carefully the following points:
1) The attached layout is for general PLACEMENT only; your work must be at the highest possible 'finish', elegant, realistic, not cartoonish style, must look 'like a million dollars'.
2) Two versions must be provided: only iPhone or palm holding iPhone
3) Sensors: sleek, rectangular objects, 3D, slightly rounded corners, white or off-white, or metalic or black (not sure, try which is best), half-burried in the soil, their top protruding out, with a thin antenna, must be clearly visible in the composition, possibly very slightly arched 'in the wind', possibly with a little triangular red flag.
4) Antenna on irrigator: thicker, than on sensors, short, realistic.
5) Cloud: It obviously represents the internet cloud, so is schematic, but should be subtle and fit in, perhaps transparent and with shade.
6) General appearance: photo-realistic, lighted, sunny, optimistic, use of sun light-rays, soft shade for objects, to emphasize them. Subtelly emphasize the sensors and antenna on irrigator.
7) Logo: The logo is very important. The composition must blend well with the logo style.
8) Attached are: General schema, photo of field (you are welcome to use a different one, but must be of a mechanical irrigator similar to this), iPhone (you are welcome and encouraged to use a different one, and I want 2 versions, with and without a palm holding it), logo (I provide 2 versions for your convenience).
8) NOTE: Once the design is complete, I will provide a screen-shot, and ask that you insert (and 3D-distort it onto the iPhone.

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