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We are a genomics center and we provide services in personalized medicine, which means we receive samples form the clinics and hospitals from people wanting to use genomics as part of their diagnostic process.
To make this process easier we have a small box in which the MD puts the sample and some documents, then is sealed and sended to our center.

I have sample files of one of our partners, but their design is for China and USA and with their brand, I need a new design using our logos and branding.
I`m Open to new designs (not just a box).
You can choose to work with the box I show and just do a design for it, or you can play with the box itself.

Box should be able to hold a falcon tube of 12 cms x 3,5 cms x 3,5 cms.
The sample box size is bigger so it can hold other security elements (bag, foam etc.)
All of this in the attached files.

I´m also including our logos (new logos) that should give you and idea of type of branding and disegn we are looking for.
Details, like the text or where should it be is open still for discussion and can be manage after the general design is choosen


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