Create a Marketing Video for Our Landing Page

Create a Marketing Video for Our Landing Page

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Second Wind Consultants, Inc is looking to capture more conversions on our landing pages and would like to achieve this through an informative, fun and visually appealing marketing video.

Needed: A marketing video that outlines what we do, who we are, and how we can help potential clients. Here is our current landing page, we would be looking to redesign this landing page (separate project) and add your video here. [url removed, login to view]

This video will be seen by potential clients who get driven to the landing page either through our PPC campaign or other internet marketing campaign. These viewers will be mostly business owners who have unmanageable debt or they will be business owners with some other type of cash flow problem and they are seeking help.

Here are examples of other marketing videos we like or videos that represent what we are looking for:

[url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view] has a nice one)
[url removed, login to view] (here is a company in a similar industry)

Here are the elements that are NEEDED in the video:

1. Our company Logo. [url removed, login to view]
2. Clear outline of benefits to the client (ex. debt forgiveness, improve cash flow, turn your business around, sleep well at night)
3. Short outline of our process that is visually interesting and captures their attention (outline is below)
4. Call To Action (CTA). As you see on the landing page, the call to action will be on the same page, we want some reference to the form (ex. "Complete the Request a consultation form and get started today!")
5. Directional Cues (ex. the video urging the viewer to complete the form and request a consultation with us, etc.)
6. Testimonials (ex. "our strategies have helped hundreds of business owners") [url removed, login to view]

Don't be limited by this outline. You are free to be as creative as possible, hopefully we like what you come up with.

Here is an outline of our debt workout methodology that should be briefly and vaguely outlined in the video (do not focus the viewer on these details):


-Business owner purchased a business using a business loan
-Business owner paid too much for the business or the business was performing well in the past, but now they are seeing reduced revenues, tight profits etc...now they are in trouble and cannot pay creditors.
-Creditors will sue the business and shut the company down. Business owner does not know what to do.

Our solution:

-Identify unmanageable debt that we want to eliminate
-Reorganize the business and personal assets to protect them from aggressive creditors
-Negotiate settlements with the outstanding creditors
-Repair credit and rebuild the business

About us:

Second Wind Consultants Inc. is a visionary force comitted to changing the way small business owners perform. Our principal mission is debt workout—saving families and jobs one business at a time. In the face of reduced revenues, increased overhead and changing market conditions, all of which are impossible to overcome without help, Second Wind has given small business owners a second chance at business success. In this economy, we know just how important it is to protect and preserve both personal and business assets. We want you and your business to flourish again. Second Wind will successfully engineer the forgiveness of business debt and reduce the personal guaranties to affordable losses. Most importantly, it is our top priority to ensure this happens both safely and securely.

We have 30 years experience with debt workout strategies. We have a team of workout professionals working in our offices in Northampton, MA

Good luck & we look forward to seeing your completed projects.

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