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Glow is being visible in traffic and this is safe. And my opinion about about any concept that represents Apple is not about shape is about thinking different and thinking different is not about electric car,self driveing cars,cool shapes,save the planet materials and other interesting conceptul chapters . Is about SAFETY and real short, natural solutions. This means based at the simple visual information ,looking at a the simple windscreen and then use the other GPS sistems that are not in direct line with the eye. The concept is about the light information that a car could provide while she's in traffic. This light- info-placement could become a safety item for long distance using the light disk or close distance info-shape helped by the lines of light. Another important item is the tower that has a camera for close view or long view in traffic, including get out from the crowded parking lot in safe conditions. Apple is info ,info is safety,psichical or fisical.

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    why you reject my project?

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