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I need to design a simple but photo-realistic girls bedroom scene. I am looking for something similar in feel to the attached files, particularly the princess one. This is not designing a whole room, it's literally very similar to the attached references. The bed duvet cover will be designed plain white with some creasing so it looks real, and so that I can place images on there myself later. In addition I will need two SEPARATE files, one with a photo realistic image that will replicate a standard white 40cm x 40cm cushion on a white background (This is NOT to be placed on the bed linen) and the other additional photo-realistic pillow that in real life would measure 50cm x 70cm. So to be clear, there will be one pillow on the bed, and another pillow AND a cushion that are separate files.

The look I am going for is colourful yet stylish, girly, well designed, clean lines and pretty! The focus is to primarily be on the bed, as I sell children's bed linen, and the scene MUST be created looking down from above. You won't need to design a child into the scene, that will be taken care of later. The attached pictures explain what I mean quite clearly. I am not looking for a whole bedroom, I want the perspective to be the same as the ones attached.

I also have a boys contest on as well, so please submit something for that also if you've got the skills! :-) I am super communicative, and respond to EVERY message, so that we can work together as a team to deliver what I am looking for, and give you the best chance of winning the contest. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions at all.

Attached Files: big-banner-princess.jpg BIGBANNER_flamenco.jpg

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