Create realistic 3D beard for interactive viewing

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We need at least one beard model to fit our base head (see uploaded file). Our goals:

* Realism when interactively rendered with diffuse texture image (including transparency).
* Under 1000 polys.

Any style or color of beard is OK. We ultimately want to collect a variety.

We only want a diffuse color map with transparency (alpha channel), no other maps (bump, shiny, etc).

We are looking for a realistic soft-edge effect that can only be achieved using transparency. No helmet-style meshes please.

The color map should be 1024x1024 or larger. For best realism we think it should be made from real images of a beard and the alpha channel should be created using soft-select rotoscoping.

To evaluate your submission, we'll need to see the beard on the head rendered to high resolution from a variety of angles. We'll also need to see a render of the beard geometry with wireframe without any texture.

The deliverable must be a wavefront .OBJ file containing the geometry (and UVs) of just the beard, which must fit to our base head in its original coordinate system, and a .PNG texture image.

You can get a better idea of how it will be viewed by installing our free program from:

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