Design 7 icons/images for kids app/game, extended

Design 7 icons/images for kids app/game, extended

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Im making a simple game for kids, and have most game mechanics done, but now I need some graphic work.
The game is based on knowledge about animals and each of the icons/images that are to be created represent one question, such as 'carnivore?' or 'lays eggs?'.
The design should appeal to kids and be simple/cute/fun. The images must be generic, and not specific to any animal (a list of example images is attached).

File format: PNG.
Transparent background.
Size: can fit inside 200px X 200px.
Must stand out on a white background.
Image consistency. Must be done in the same style of drawing.
Some of the i drawings should be delivered as a series of 3-4 images in order to animate the drawing (example: Wiggly worms and bugs on a plate or a moving mouth).

This will be the first order of graphic work and there will be required more images later.
The images to be created together with a short a description as inspiration:

eats worms/bugs? a plate of worms and bugs. Optional: Simple animation of wiggly worm.
eats fish? a happy looking fish. Optional: Simple animation with blinking eye.
eats meat? A plate with a big steak (not too bloody)
Eats plants? A plate with grass and plants
has fur? furry skin shape
Pet? A pet collar with a heart pendant. Optional: Simple animation of swinging pendant
Can fly? A plane. Optional: Simple animation of grey smoke puffs behind.

I have attached an image with some further inspiration for the images.

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