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Hello, I create a card for you based in elements from your web site, like the colors (purpel, and green), the round form present there and Also the same letter. In this way the card follows the same line of the web page. I chose the square form because it is more balanced than the rectangle one and since your business is all about it I think it's appropriate. At the front of the card put the requested information and your company logo. As requested I introduced a feminine silhouette in the back and also the phrase given to me. Now, you must have noticed the dashed line that surrounds the silhouette. As said you wanted your card stand out, I took the liberty of creating a small pop up on the card itself. Thus when cutting back will line the person will stand with the phrase facing anyone to see. I was careful to put the contacts so that they were not affected.  Wish you the best for your business, I hope you enjoy my work.

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