Design UI Mockup for Firefox addon

Design UI Mockup for Firefox addon

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I need to redesign my simple Firefox addon (drop down menu). I do not show current design intentionally, so be creative. The addon icon will be located here: [url removed, login to view]

The addon has drop down menu with following elements: Setup Pr*** Server, Enable Pr*** Server, Disable Pr*** Server, Import Pr*** List, Download Pr*** List, Remove Captcha. Each element should have meaningful icon on the left and shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+#) on the right. User should be able to identify 'action' by viewing menu icon.

The first menu element has submenu (with scroll bar) with following elements: Type [icon], Flag [icon], IP:PORT, Country, City. There could be two icons for 'Type': the first one should represent Anonymity, the second one - Bypassing a Firewall. The rest elements are self-explaining.

We have a small popup with: captcha image, input for captcha text and submit button. For 'Remove Captcha' there will be another popup with: input for email, input for password and 'register account' button. Finally the popup for 'Import Pr*** Servers' - popup with text area where user can copy&paste pr*** servers and two buttons: 'browse' and 'save'. The first button will load pr*** easily from file, the second - will save results.

Special requirements - keep it simple but stylish. If you ever hold iPhone then you know what I am speaking about. I will comment each design on a public clarification board. This should help you to avoid the mistakes done by others. Feel free to ask any questions.

P.S. Please use flags which I attached. If you use your own then please take in an account that I will need at least 150 of them. You can search for some on [url removed, login to view] (I will pay for it).

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