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We are launching a cute baby contest at Crunchy Moms dot com. I need a 600x400 Banner for advertising our contest. This needs to include stock baby photos (2 years and younger). Nice graphics that fit our website site theme of green, yellow and brown. Looking for a clean unique design of this banner. Animation ok, I need the jpg, gif and psd photoshop format file with all the layers.

I need 4 600x400 banners for each season:
- Cutest Baby of the Winter Contest
- Cutest Baby of the Spring Contest
- Cutest Baby of the Summer Contest
- Cutest Baby of the Fall Contest

- each season should have a theme for that for winter, do like snowflakes, etc.
- each banner should say Babies only (2 years or younger) in small font with ENTER CONTEST NOW button.
- each banner should say $50 gift card to the winner with most votes.

- I also need a copy of these banners with ENTER CONTEST NOW words taken out and replaced with : CLICK HERE TO VOTE - flashing
Attached is our logo that should be in all the banners in smaller size.

Attached Files: crunchy_moms_logo copy.png

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