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Design a banner-like message template for a "Bling Cars" message.

Similar to the examples provided, users should be able to send a text message (between 40 and 100 characters) which appears decorated inside a banner that shows off luxury cars - think gold Lambos, diamond-coated Ferraris, etc.

We're likely to select multiple winning designs for inclusion in a "Bling Cars Pack"

The messages will ultimately be sent as HTML banners. The recommended height is 100-120px (though the height is flexible if warranted by your design), and the width will vary depending on the receiving device (typically 260px+). Final submissions should be in a quality sufficient for retina displays (eg. 520x240px).

Many of our message packs contain animated/interactive elements. For this contest we currently take static image submissions, however if you believe your design could be made more dynamic let us know and we may award you a project to develop an animated/HTML version. The HTML implementation of our message packs is generally quite simple, and example is available at

Users will enter a custom message to be sent, and this will be decorated using the template you design.

You'll need to provide your design in AI and EPS formats.

Attached Files: bling+1.png Screen+Shot+2013-05-21+at+15.59.26.png

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