Design a Banner for my beauty blog

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Design a Banner for my beauty blog

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*Updates 11 Feb 10:30am- using some contestant's entry I've attached a new 'Banner Sample' to show a good example of what I'm looking for, not to worry I will only use your work if you have been awarded the job, if not the rest will be omitted. Please work towards that direction thank you. I would like to see more variations of #5 because I quite like it and you can make use of sweet elements like florals, prints, pastel colours cohesive with my logo. If I have selected your work, I'm expecting to use authorized or purchased stock images and not simply ripping it off from the internet.
Thank you for your effort.

*Updates 10 Feb 10:30pm- I like to see more variations similar to #5, please try not to use stock images, if there are some design element would be great.
*Updates 10 feb 5pm- My background should have some sweet elements, Please take a look at the good example over at entry #5.

I would like to design a new banner base on the attached layout (website layout), the fonts and words are fix thus all you need to do is incorporate the logo that I've here and design/change the rest of the back ground and add in other cure elements etc etc, the actual banner size is 1443 × 453px and here is how it looks on the current layout which I'm not too happy with.

Please incorporate the logo given in my attachment to show the complete look of my new banner.

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