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I want 2 flyers designed for a new tattoo studio. First design I know exactly what I want.and the information is below. Second design i am open to your ideas. I will pay 40 GBP for each design

Front page
Logo as attached. On the page "Flyer front" this is an example of how I exactly want the background colour (the light colour). I want it to be simple, you can design the rest

Back page

I want to use the template layout "flyer back" for where I want a picture and text. Attached is the graphic of the girl. Below is the text for under the main picture. I will provide you with all the text later in the contest. I will make is about as much as is in the example template

Studio tatua?u inne ni? wszystkie (similar to the red font on the template example)

W przeciwie?stwie do ubra?, tatua?e nie mog? by? wyrzucone, upchni?te na dno szafy czy oddane je?li Ci si? znudz? ... wi?c je?li my?lisz o ozdobieniu swojego cia?a, zrób to u najlepszych!
W naszym studiu nie tylko poczujesz si? jak w salonie pi?kno?ci, b?ogo i wygodnie, nasz personel przedstawi Ci te? najnowsze trendy i doradzi "w czym" b?dzie Ci naj?adniej.

Odwied? nas w naszym studiu w centrum Katowic a przekonasz si? na w?asnej skórze.

Second design I want an original design only using the logo. I can provide the text when I see the design. The style of the flyer should be:

For people who don't have a tattoo yet
More for men than women

I will make a decision as soon as possible

Attached Files: main+graphic+back.jpg Flyer+back.jpg Flyer+front.jpg tomasz szabelka natural cut.pdf

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