Good Design a Flyer for SimTek World Ltd

Good Design a Flyer for SimTek World Ltd

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We are a local company based in Cardiff which provides a wide range of mobile phone repair services local & national postal repair [url removed, login to view] need a good double sided A5 design made for [url removed, login to view] which is to go out to 20,000 customers. One side should be about buying and selling Handsets phones ' best prices offered ' etc. One side should be about our products and services we offer Unlocking and Repairs. The design needs to be clear, professional and to the point.

One side

Logo, address

We offer 3 months garuntee with all repairs

- specialise in iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry & Nokia repairs
- Repairs on Tablets, iPads, Samsung tabs, Asus etc
- over 10 year experience in this field
- Wide range of parts in stock!
- All repairs done on site
- Screen replacement, Earpiece / Mic Problem, Battery replacements, button replacements, motherboard problems, charging problems.
- 70% success rate on Water Damage handsets.
- Unlock most handsets ( remote options available )
- National postal options available ( post item to us with contact details )
- coorporate cients welcome
- Vat registered company
- 10% off with this flyer!

Call 0800 9998099 or 02920 480770 for free quote / to book your phone in
Website: [url removed, login to view]

other side

we buy and sell, will price match, Phones, Tablets, laptops call now for a great price! 0800 9998099

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