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Design a Logo

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My current website and company logo seems very outdated
Its boring and I want to reinvent my company logo
It has to be exciting, memorable and different to the usual company logos, and it needs to be quirky
It somehow has to embody what the company is and why its different

Our current logo and strapline can be found on our website. Please submit your ideas. Our website is [url removed, login to view]
Please be unique.
Have a look at our website [url removed, login to view]

Its got to stand out, its got to be timeless

Our company has 5 values. Family honesty efficiency excellence and partnership. The logo must encompass what we stand for. Our mission is to find the greatest talent for our clients growth and prosperity. Can this be encompassed visually in a logo
I have to love it, to pick a winner

The winning logo will be used in everything we do, our business cards, our emails, our marketing material, our website, everything we do, our facebook,

Please look at [url removed, login to view]
Please encapsulate our values
Look at Walt Disney coco Chanel eBay google yes saint Laurent coca cola
Our values are family honesty excellence efficiency and partnership
We are a fun company to work for this must be encapsulated
We focus on excellence
Our mission is to find the greatest talent for our clients

I know someone her can design me the best logo
Are you up to the challenge

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