Design a Logo for IN LANKA HOLDINGS

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Design a Logo for IN LANKA HOLDINGS

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Contest Brief

* The company name is IN LANKA HOLDINGS and we prefer skipping the HOLDINGS part in logo and make it IN LANKA.
* The part LANKA in the name describes the country Sri Lanka.
* If you use the name in your design, we prefer both letters in the word IN be either uppercase or lowercase.
* The name and company is not industry specific and we expect the winning logo will be one that can be used in any industry.
* We suggest the logo to have a combination of several bright colors. (The logo of NBC is a good example of color combination)
* But it is not compulsory to stick with a specific number of colors and you are free to express your creativity by using any number of colors.
* The logo can be as simple or complex as you wish.

Note: All the details provided above are for your information only. No restrictions are there for your creativity, and you are free to design in the way you feel better.

Be creative and make the logo stand high!!!

(Including a business card design along with the logo is encouraged but not compulsory)

Good luck!

--- Update 28 Nov 2013 ---
* Please don't use the lion holding the sword as in Sri Lanka flag. Entries with this lion will be rejected.
* The winning designer must provide scalable vector files of the winning design after we have selected the winning design.
* Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector files are required. You may use any software to design, if your software can save/export it as .ai vector file.
* When using the colors, try to use bright and eye catching colors. (The logo of NBC is a good example of colors)

--- Special Announcement ---
Since there is small issue on my freelancer account, the profile page of my account is showing a temporary unavailable error message and you may not able to view my profile. By the way, you don't have to worry about this since the project is marked as guaranteed and will definitely a winner will be selected and paid.
Also, there is another error where I cant leave feedback for your entries, even on public clarification board.
I've talked to freelancer support team regarding these errors and they will be fixing it soon. Until then, keep your creative ideas coming. We will provide feedback on your entries as soon as the issues are fixed by freelancer support team.
Thank you for understanding.
Good luck!

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