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IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW the brief guidelines I am going to assume you are sending me a an altered stock image or ripped off image from Deviant art which is not cool. I am looking for the a Ninja looking Robot junky looking, with a paintbrush in each hand as a weapon. I may ask to see your original BNW files to verify it is not stock art. Use the ninja eye wrap as well please as it adds to the look.

We would like to change the current logo (see attached pic) from current robot to a ROBOT NINJA holding two paintbrushes as if they were weapons. Going for a more sleek agile robot look not a clunky square robot. This must be full color. The title will also be changed in the following manner:
Keep a paint pallet to the left similar to the one we have here (not identical) the title JunkRobot in one word with the J nd the R being capital. Looking for a font that matches the NINJA ROBOT LOOK and FEEL and is modern looking and clear/easy to read.
Get creative, splash paint off the pallet, use neat ninja poses, our company colors are lemon and lime so if the logo matches the colors great but we don't have to have those necessarily. We would like something to look great on the website, t-shirts, mouse pads etc.
Before submitting a logo please understand we will hold ALL rights to the art, your payment in full is considered contract and you will not retain any rights to the art whatsoever.

Attached Files: junkrobotlogo300.jpg

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